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Father's Rights Attorney

Protect Your Rights to Your Children and Future

Change A Parenting Time Schedule Or 
Modify Child Support

  1. Fight for a Fair Settlement, including Custody and Parenting Time

  2. Understand How Child Support Works and How Custody Affects How Much Each Parent Contributes

  3. Know Your Rights to Marital Property and the Marital Home


You Don't Have to Lose Your Rights as a Father

A Common Myth Still Exists for Father's Rights


Too many fathers still believe they don't get or deserve equal rights to their kids upon a divorce.  This simply isn't true. 


Each case is different and both parents should matter equally unless specific circumstances dictate otherwise.

Common Divorce Scenarios That Affect Custody and Child Support for Many Years

One parent moves out of the house due to conflict, usually the father, and the other parent accuses them of abandoning the children.

The marital home is not divided equally, so that parent claims the children should live there full time.

A parent who moves out is denied access to the children at the new home.

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Understand Your Rights 

  • Understand how moving may impact your divorce and custody case

  • Clearly drafted and comprehensive custody and property settlements

  • Divide both assets and debts fairly

  • Understand tax consequences and potential issues with tax liabilities

  • Finalize a divorce and move forward with your life

Cost Effective Solutions to File Divorce with Confidence

  • Payment plans available

  • Credit cards accepted

  • Fees proposed after initial consultation and understanding of client needs has been established

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Protect Your Rights as a Father 

Hiring an attorney who understands your goals as a father will help the judge see that you truly are interested in the well being of your children and their relationship with you.

You should not have to sacrifice a relationship with your children because your marriage did not work out.

Modify Parenting Time or Child Support

Circumstances change.  File a motion to increase your parenting time or change child support payments. 

You can petition the court to change the order if you feel you are being treated unfairly.  

Men Have the Same Rights in a Divorce Case

Spend time with your children without fear of losing them or other consequences.

Preserve your rights so you don't spend the rest of their childhood trying to win them back.

Know your rights going forward so you do not end up with support payments for time the kids spend with you.

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